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Hi! I’m Priyanka, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Yoga Instructor, and Certified Trainer Educator. I specialize in helping everyday people in Oakville and surrounding areas, bring back the balance their body craves for a life with more freedom and choice.


I struggled with chronic health problems for years. I was always tired, I had unexplainably gained weight, I would get angry easily, I suffered from drenching night sweats, I would have extreme sugar cravings, uncomfortable cramping and bloating, as well as having mood swings. When my hair started to fall out, that’s when I knew I had to make some changes.


It was only after my hormonal health rebalanced that I felt like myself again. I regained my energy, I felt happy, the cramps and bloating completely disappeared and my cravings subsided. All of this allowed my body to lose the extra weight and my hair even grew back! Today, I have the stamina to workout everyday, I have no need for caffeine in the morning and I sleep well every night. I now have the energy and freedom to choose what makes me happy.


I have committed myself to empowering others to find the same freedom I have naturally, with customized protocols that address each individual’s needs and concerns.

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