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Upcoming Retreats

We are all important, significant and complete, even if it doesn’t feel that way all of the time. We are not lost, we are not alone, we are just in a state of learning. And just like any classroom, sometimes our lessons are tough. This is why I decided to start these wellness retreats. I wanted to bring together people who are seeking their truth so that we can all learn from and inspire each other. I wanted to create a space that is safe to self-reflect and overcome past hurts, making room for the new, refreshed version of ourselves. This is how we create the balance our bodies and minds seek.

When did you last put yourself first? Give yourself permission to heal mentally, physically, socially? When did you last say "Yes!" to meeting new people and making new friends? When did you last make time to look inward and reflect on your future path, while being grateful for how far you've already come?


It's time to re-discover your authentic self.

To find your version of you!


I want to bring together the knowledge of nutritious food, yoga, meditation, breathing and introspection, while also enjoying the company of each other as we travel to beautiful places together! My hope is to create a supportive community with lasting friendships along the way.

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